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About CSC

The CSC is a strategic cornerstone of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), approved by the Government in May 2006, as part of its commitment in the National Common Minimum Programme to introduce e-governance on a massive scale.

The CSCs would provide high quality and cost-effective video, voice and data content and services, in the areas of e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment as well as other private services. A highlight of the CSCs is that it will offer web-enabled e-governance services in rural areas, including application forms, certificates, and utility payments such as electricity, telephone and water bills.

The Scheme creates a conducive environment for the private sector and NGOs to play an active role in implementation of the CSC Scheme, thereby becoming a partner of the government in the development of rural India. The PPP model of the CSC scheme envisages a 3-tier structure consisting of the CSC operator (called Village Level Entrepreneur or VLE); the Service Centre Agency (SCA), that will be responsible for a division of 500-1000 CSCs; and a State Designated Agency (SDA) identified by the State Government responsible for managing the implementation over the entire State.

The CSCs would provide high quality and cost-effective video, voice and data content and services, in the areas of e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment as well as other private services. A highlight of the CSCs is that it will offer web-enabled e-governance services in rural areas, including application forms, certificates, and utility payments such as electricity, telephone and water bills. 
Government of India has formulated the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) with the vision of providing all government services in an integrated manner at the doorstep of the citizen at affordable cost. To achieve this larger mission of the NeGP, the Department of Information & Technology (DIT), Government of India, has planned to rollout out 100,000+ Common Services Centers (CSCs) across the country especially in rural areas by March 2011. 

Business to Citizen Services through CSCs
1.      Financial Services
a.      BankingBusiness Facilitator and Business Correspondent Services through CSCs
                          i.      Services explored through CSCs
1.            Opening of Bank Accounts
2.            Sourcing Loan Applications
3.            Formation of SHG groups
4.            Deposits and Disbursal of cash
Key SCA tie-ups
State Bank of India
b.      Insurance – Life and General Insurance Services through CSCs
Some key Insurance Companies tied up with SCAs
Key SCA tie-ups
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Birla Sunlife Insurance
Max Newyork Life Insurance
National Insurance Company Limited
HDFC ERGO General Insurance
2.      Education – Online / Offline Education Services through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
IGNOU – Distance Education Courses
Microsoft – Customized e-learning courses
TCS – CD based Adult literacy courses
ETS – IT Training, Spoken English and Internet courses
3.      Telecom – Sale / Recharge / Bill Collection services through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
Idea Cellular
4.      Travel – Train / Bus / Air ticket bookings through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
Red Bus
5.      Service Aggregators – Utility Services / Mobile Recharges / Entertainment Services through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
Suvidhaa Infoserve
Pay world
6.      Astrology & Matrimonial Services – Astrology and Matrimonial Services through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
Bharat Matrimony
7.      Entertainment Services – Sale and recharge of Dish TV connections
Key SCA tie-ups
Reliance DTH
8.      Health – Health Camps through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
National Rural Health Mission
9.      Agriculture – Agri Information / Agri Input Sales / Agri Extension Services through CSCs
Key SCA tie-ups
Reuters Market Light
Agri Watch
PHI Seeds Limited
10. Research and Data Collection
Exploring opportunities to utilize CSC network for research and data collection
Key Service Provider
11. Media and Advertising
Exploring opportunities for brand promotion and market analysis of various FMCG products
Key Service Provider
Group M
12. Allied Government Departments
Department of Posts – Extending Postal Services / Rural Postal Insurance through the CSC Network
NABARD – Extending financial assistance for Training Village Level Entrepreneurs


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Online Services

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The Common Services Centers (CSCs):

CSCs are envisioned as the front-end delivery points for Government, private and social sector services to rural citizens of India.

The idea is to develop a platform that can enable Government, private and social sector organizations to integrate their social and commercial goals for the benefit of rural populations in the remotest corners of the country through a combination of IT as well as non-IT services.

CSC as a Change Agent: 
The CSCs cannot be seen as mere service delivery points in rural India. The CSC has to be positioned as a Change Agent - that will promote rural entrepreneurship, build rural capacities and livelihoods, enable community participation and effect collective action for social change - through a bottom-up model that focuses on the rural citizen.

ICT in isolation cannot undertake such monumental socio-economic change. However, Rural Entrepreneurship driven by Government, Private and Social sector agencies, and supported by continuous capacity building and training has the power to undertake dramatic changes in rural incomes as well as attitudes. The intensity of national goals fueled by local entrepreneurial vigor can act as a powerful catalyst to empower rural India.

ICT for Rural Empowerment

ICT as an Enabler: 
ICT can be a powerful enabler of developmental goals as its use can dramatically improve communication and exchange of information for strengthening and creating new economic and social networks. ICT is pervasive and can be applied to the full range of human activity-from personal use to business and government. ICT is multifunctional and flexible, allowing for tailored solutions to meet diverse needs of the population. ICT facilitates disintermediation, as it makes it possible for users to acquire products and services directly from the original provider, reducing the need for intermediaries. ICT is fair, equal and transparent as it does not differentiate on the basis economic status, religion or castes of its users.

The Development Challenge: 

About two-thirds of India’s predominantly rural population having agriculture as its primary occupation, account for less than one-third of the National Income leading to disparity in incomes in rural and urban India. Government agencies, domestic and international institutions associated with development, and NGOs have been engaged in addressing this persistent development problem, each in their own space and time, armed with their respective development ideologies and tools. Traditional rural development interventions have centered round:
a) Rural development programmes and schemes launched either at central, state or local government level;

b) Decentralization of Planning;

c) Better enforcement of land reforms; and,

d) Greater access to credit

The strategy has been evolving with changing times and taking into its fold new approaches such as participatory local governance, community development, technology diffusion, and rural entrepreneurship. While the participatory local governance and community development approaches have been well absorbed and adopted by the Government agencies, NGOs and the grassroots alike, the induction of ICT and ‘rural entrepreneurship’ into the rural development domain has been more or less unorganized (despite the promising growth in ICT infrastructure and information system in urban areas). 

The work on this ambitious NeGP programme is in progress and currently states are in the process of selection of SCAs. In fact in some of the states like Jharkhand, West Bengal, Haryana, Bihar and Tripura the SCA selection has already been completed. The CSCs would be set up by private franchisees called as Service Center Agencies (SCA) – to be appointed by respective States. The SCAs would further appoint Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) to run and manage the CSCs in pre-defined locations. The Scheme would be implemented in a Public Private Partnership Framework with a Focus on Rural Entrepreneurship & Market Mechanisms.

The CSCs would focus on content customization and multi- lingual delivery of end-to-end services for income enhancement in rural areas. These (CSCs) are being designed as ICT-enabled retail distribution outlets for delivery of Government, Social as well as Private Sector services in the areas of Telecom, Agriculture, Health, Education, Entertainment, FMCG products, Banking and Financial services, Utility payments, etc. Each CSC is expected to serve a cluster of 6-7 villages, thereby covering more than six lakh villages across India.